Hazardous Waste

We’re experts in commercial hazardous waste management.

Fully permitted by the Environment Agency,
we’re a company you can trust.

We provide fast removal of hazardous materials, including specialist and difficult-to-handle wastes and collect from your site with our specialist fleet.

Hazardous Waste Solutions

Our years of experience mean we can handle a huge range of waste, including even the most difficult substances.
We’ll even find ways to recycle or treat waste not typically accepted for recycling wherever possible.

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Hazardous waste assessment

Our team of highly skilled technical experts will assess all hazardous waste to determine the suitability for processing and disposal.

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& disposal

We will collect your business or commercial hazardous waste quickly and efficiently. Our supply chain is fully audited so you can be assured of compliant and safe disposal.

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Hazardous Waste Storage

Our unique HazPodsTM  hold multiple waste streams in one container – provided different categories are appropriately bagged. This reduces the number and type of containers, as well as reducing repacking of hazardous wastes.

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Trained to understand the chemical make up of waste, our chemists ensure waste items are safely packed for transportation and onward journeys to final destination.

Specialist hazardous waste disposal

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Hazardous waste


Waste is hazardous if it contains substances with the potential to harm either your health or the environment.

The Hazardous Waste Regulations were established in 2005 and consist of several measures that organisations must follow to safely control the disposal of hazardous waste. This includes clinical waste or chemical waste.

How to safely dispose of hazardouse waste

Hazardous waste specialists

Compliant disposal

As a company specialising in hazardous waste management, Axil will ensure that you are fully compliant with all chemical waste disposal regulations and fulfil any duty of care obligations.

We create and deliver hazardous waste management service solutions that provide the correct method and procedures to handle, store, transport and dispose of hazardous waste.

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Hazardous waste collection & disposal

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We offer fast and stress-free collection and disposal of your hazardous waste.

Our Chemists ensure safe and compliant removal of all hazardous material.

Collected from your site by our specialist fleet, we are fully permitted by the Environment Agency.

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