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At Axil we focus on our customers and delivering environmentally sustainable solutions at the lowest possible cost.

We operate across the whole of the UK, and focus on Total Waste Management and deliver recycling, recovery, treatment, and disposal for all types of waste.

We are part of a Group that has operating sites across the UK and pride ourselves on our customer focus and industry-leading levels of compliance and health and safety. We have a passion for understanding and meeting our customers’ needs and believe we are setting the pace in our sector through an innovative business model.

We have a track record of implementing successful transformation services for many high criticality businesses. These include:

What excites us is the ability to turn innovation in to practical reality for our customers to help them achieve their environmental goals.

Edward Pigg • Managing Director, Axil Integrated Services


Axil helps industries such as automotive, F1, rail infrastructure and luxury product manufacturers get control of their waste flow to hit ‘zero to landfill’ targets and drive cost out from the business.


From cutting-edge research companies in the midst of clinical trials right through to customer-facing community health organisations on the front line.


From nose cone to tailplane, we understand the waste requirements for high precision environments ensuring secure, safe, disposal and recycling for process wastes.


Axil provides bespoke solutions for your food waste. We are experienced in handling all areas of food production wastes and can even generate electricity from it. We can produce a fertilising material for use in the agriculture.

Our Approach

Our approach is to deliver innovation by providing critical but non-core services to our customers. Our resources are set up to deliver successful mobilisation and ongoing support for the long-term.

This is the heart of our strategy, which is backed by our owners ReGen and TPG. We are confident that our unique focus will deliver a step-change in performance for you.

What Differentiates Axil?

  • We can deal with all waste types either directly or with our partners

  • Cost-Out Philosophy

  • Commitment to continuous improvement

  • Innovation in service delivery

  • Control of waste, improved CSR

  • Relationship and track record of delivery

Our Philosophy

Our Approach to Health & Safety

  • We provide a safe working environment for employees, customers and suppliers

  • We have developed safe environmental practices and processes

  • We promote sustainable and environmentally friendly outcomes to our customers and suppliers

  • We involve suppliers and service partners to ensure safe working practices are promoted and adhered to at all times

  • We actively work to prevent the occurrence of accidents and incidents

  • We always comply with legislative and regulatory requirements

  • We have open communication with employees, customers and the public

  • We set annual objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement

Why Choose Axil

Our focus on environmental compliance and customer service and has helped us grow our scale and expertise allowing us to deliver best in class levels of innovation and cost improvements.

If you are looking for help on fully outsourced and managed waste solutions, or simply want to get help for individual or problematic wastes, just ask us. We are here to help whatever your waste issues are – You can depend on us to deliver the best solution at the lowest cost.