Zero waste to landfill

Achieving zero waste to landfill status improves your environmental performance and reduces your waste management costs.

We analyse each of your waste streams and provide end-of-life solutions for your products, preventing them from ending up in landfill.

David Sherrington

“Axil has been key to Whirlpool achieving Zero Waste to Landfill at both our HQ and Yate Factory.

To achieve such healthy numbers in cutting waste is very positive and we look forward to reducing the company’s waste further and contributing to bettering our workplace environment, driving zero to landfill and ultimately helping our planet.”


David Sherrington

UK & Ireland Energy, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, Whirlpool Corporation

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Sourcing alternative disposal routes

Landfill avoidance methods

Axil works with you to find alternative routes for your waste streams to ensure materials don’t end up in landfill.

Zero waste to landfill is a waste-management concept that describes the diversion of waste away from landfills.

Zero waste to landfill methods build on the practices outlined under the Waste Hierarchy — a methodology that focuses on rethinking our relationship with waste, illustrated as a five-tier inverted pyramid.

Arrange a waste review

Waste Hierarchy

Reduce waste

We can help you roll out waste-reduction initiatives that are customised to your organisation’s waste streams. This allows you to discover ways to reuse waste materials where possible

Eliminate waste

Axil helps you to work with your existing supply chain to eliminate the production of waste.

Return materials

Consider sending redundant materials back to the suppliers from which they originated to reduce waste output.


We work with you to find ways to re-use your waste either on site or via a third party.


The biggest and most achievable initiatives usually involve recycling more waste. Often this involves enhancing segregation schemes, using a colour coded system, and educating staff. This also has the highest visibility across site which gives good PR and buy in from site.

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Case Studies

Our latest case studies show successful waste management in practice. Our unique, value-added, partnership approach delivers results – that’s why we retain 98% of our customer!

Achieve zero to landfill


To gain a clearer understanding of your waste operations, we will visit to carry out a detailed site audit.

Our waste management experts will understand your waste streams and the challenges you face— and develop a service proposal tailored to accommodate your needs.

We will explain how our innovative solutions can re-engineer your waste to reduce your costs and increase your recycling

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