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Waste management results

Following the roll-out of Axil’s Total Waste Management service, Cummins are seeing impressive results.
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£ 75000


through improved segregation, increased recycling and reductions in labour costs.

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Hours saved

through introducing enhanced processing methods plus improved management of the on-site workforce.

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to landfill

achieved within the first six months of contract, as well as reductions in hazardous waste and improved housekeeping.

The Requirement

With 44% of UK manufacturers1 saying they are highly focused on cost and performance, many are rightly scrutinising the value and effectiveness of their waste suppliers.

One such firm is global leader in power solutions, Cummins. When its site in Stamford, UK became frustrated with its existing general waste provider, it turned to Axil for leadership and support.


1 KPMG Global Manufacturing Outlook report


Waste Challenges

The job of managing waste is a complex one for Cummins. Not least at its site in Stamford, Lincolnshire. There, the company manufactures premium quality alternators – including those that helped power the London Olympics. The site has complex waste streams to manage and is striving to meet a global goal to send zero waste to landfill. While the company had already been working with Axil on its hazardous waste, it reached out for broader support on general waste after its existing supplier stopped delivering on its promises.

Escalating costs simply didn’t feel justified as service levels stagnated. Collections were being missed, waste was accumulating on site and support was nowhere to be seen. For Fraser Troup, Cummins Stamford’s Health, Safety & Environmental Officer, things had reached a tipping point. So he turned to Axil for help.

Innovations and Waste Solutions

This improved approach to waste segregation helped Cummins achieve zero waste to landfill in six months.

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Axil Waste Segregation


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Reduction in
labour costs

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handling processes

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“Within months, Axil had given us a solution, through energy recovery, to a problem we’d been trying to tackle for years. Cummins had also been experiencing an increased build-up of waste around the site. After some investigation, it became clear that employees were confused over which disposal routes certain wastes should take. Preventing the build-up of waste around the site is a key focus for me”

Fraser Troup

HSE Officer, Cummins

Cummins Environmental Gateway


One emerging challenge that Axil also helped to solve was a rise in wood waste, largely from pallets delivered into site from across the Cummins estate. Through a scheme called Cummins Environmental Gateway, the company challenged Axil to come up with innovative ideas for managing this waste in a more sustainable way.

One of Axil’s solutions was to shred wood waste on site, with the use of a chipper. Cummins decided to take the idea forward and, since putting it in place, has seen a dramatic reduction in bulk. Wider benefits have included a reduction in the number of skips on site, fewer collections and reduced transport. This has all added up to key cost savings and fewer carbon emissions not just for the business, but also for the local community.

Thanks to the success of its innovative wood waste concept, Axil became one of just 12 companies worldwide to be named a Successful Innovator in the 2017 Cummins Environmental Gateway.

Customer centric approach

One of the biggest benefits for Fraser and his team since partnering with Axil has been a palpable rise in service levels.

“On a site as complicated as ours, it’s important we have someone to go to for technical support,” said Fraser. “If we have a problem, such as with a new waste stream, we need a quick solution, otherwise waste will pile up. With Axil, we have dedicated account management and a phone number to call, they offer all the one-to-one advice, support and solutions we need.”


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“On a site as complicated as ours, it’s important we have someone to go to for technical support if we have a problem, such as with a new waste stream, we need a quick solution, otherwise waste will pile up. With Axil, we have dedicated account management and a phone number to call, they offer all the one-to-one advice, support and solutions we need. We have been very impressed with the quality of Axil’s innovation, and even more with the potential for environmental impact and savings. What stands out most for me about working with Axil has been the personal service and its willingness to help us resolve issues and offer solutions. It’s refreshing to work with such a responsive business.”

Fraser Troup

HSE Officer, Cummins

About Cummins

Working together to find solutions

With 62,000 employees, annual revenues of $23.8bn and customers across more than 190 countries and territories, Cummins is a global power leader. The company designs, manufactures, sells and services diesel and alternative fuel engines from 2.8 to 95 litres, diesel and alternative fuelled electrical generator sets from 2.5 to 3,500 kW as well as related components and technology.

As the expanded contract with Axil began, the company’s waste experts immediately got to work understanding the issues facing the business. Axil provided the personal touch Cummins had been missing by sending key account members down to site to really understand the company’s problematic waste streams – and find new ways to dispose of them.

A key success was finding a route for problem resins, which had been the only area holding the company back from being zero disposal.

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