Safety First

Axil Integrated Services is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, visitors, customers, and contractors. We train our people to perform to the highest standard and expect the same approach from everyone we work with.

Safety First Culture

Our safety culture is fully supported by our Board and led by our highly qualified and experienced EQHS team in partnership with an equally experience team of operational managers. We believe it is the success of this team approach that results in our safe way of working.

We continuously meet or exceed legal H&S requirements. Our training starts on day 1 of employment, where a training needs analysis forms a part of the induction process and extends to temporary and agency staff. We provide the necessary training and refreshers, as well as supervision and mentoring. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided to allow our people to work safely and with confidence.

Awards & Certifications

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to achieve a culture of interdependence in all our operations, a goal which is underpinned by our ISO 45001 certification and RoSPA gold award, and our set of 12 Golden Safety Rules that are embedded in our work.

We have a work-safe rule that allows anybody to stop any job they feel is not safe or not being performed safely. This extends to empowering employees not to perform a task if they have not been trained and/or have not signed onto the risk assessment and method statement.

The Importance of Reporting

We have a well embedded reporting system that encourages our employees to spot potential hazards, making them more aware of risks in their working environment.

This includes a mechanism to highlight opportunities for us to improve our health and safety performance.

Every employee is fully engaged in this process, and we are consistently ahead of the targets set by the Board.

All accidents and potentially high consequence near misses are investigated and are discussed at Board meeting, together with overall performance against the monthly Environment, Quality, Health and Safety (EQHS) KPI’s.

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Mark Pennington

“We believe a culture of zero harm is attainable and have been working to achieve interdependence within Health & Safety. Our mission to ‘give our customers the best service, quality, and value, with the best environmental outcome’ and our vision of ‘great people and an excellent partner to our customers’.”

Mark Pennington

EQHS Director

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