80% reduction in
contaminated waste


Waste management results

Following the roll-out of Axil’s Total Waste Management service in 2018, Aesica Queenborough are seeing impressive results.
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£ 30000 +


per annum through improved efficiencies in transport, reduced rentals, and consolidating activities.

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> 10 %


in rebates through improved machinery and re-use routes to separate waste streams.

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80 %


in contaminated waste loads through improved site education.

The Requirement

Axil worked in partnership with Aesica Queenborough to improve all areas of their waste management.

Axil was tasked with not only removing costs from the Aesica Queenborough site on a long-term basis but also increasing recycling levels and rebates, as well as introducing labour-saving devices and practices.

Through a collaborative approach, the Axil team worked in partnership with Aesica Queenborough to improve all areas of their waste management.



The Solution

Improved segregation

We introduced enhanced segregation for Dry Mixed Recycling and Plastics. Due to the nature of the products manufactured there are many types of plastic that require segregation. All grades/types are sorted by our team in direct liaison with the Aesica Queenborough production team.

Axil operatives on-site manually sort general waste at our transfer station building onsite to remove any recyclable material.

Food waste is collected from the canteen. This was achieved after a staff consultation to determine volumes and best practice collection methods. All of the food waste is bagged into bio-degradable and sent to an Anaerobic Digestion facility.

The Solution

Installing new machinery

Our baler on-site produce mill-sized bales of cardboard and plastic film. These are sold on the open market at optimum levels of rebate (space is restricted on site) which is shared with Aesica Queenborough. Hard sheet plastics are palletised and sold for a rebate.

We have also introduced a weekly service for Hazardous Pharmaceutical waste. This waste stream is sent to a High-Temperature Incinerator for destruction. Due to the design of the HTI, energy is recovered from the destruction process and used for district heating.

As a consequence, we provide Aesica Queenborough a Recovery-Code for this waste which improves their environmental credentials.

Benefits of Total Waste Management

Waste management has environmental and commercial benefits to your business. Done right, your waste costs can be reduced and you can turn rubbish into revenue by extracting the best-possible value for your commodity waste materials.

Increased recycling

Aesica Queenborough have significantly increased recycling levels and reduced landfill impact.

Axil recommissioned a machine that separates plastic rims from cardboard kegs. These kegs were previously being sent to landfill and now we split the two and recycle the plastic, cardboard and metal clips.

Aesica Queenborough have not only increased their recycling levels but now receive rebates for these streams. Not only this, but a new recycling route for single use pallets was identified – ensuring landfill avoidance.


Recipharm Waste Drums Axil

Optimising disposal routes

Optimising the disposal route for pharmaceutical packaging has saved Aesica Queenborough £18,000 per year.

Axil also introduced a system to segregate pharmaceutical solids from outer pharmaceutical packaging which is saving Aesica Queenborough £13,000 per year.

Clean solvents are now sent to a recycling facility which enables Aesica Queenborough to receive a rebate for these materials.

Medical & pharmaceutical products being packaged by a machine

Innovations and Waste Solutions

This improved approach to waste segregation has delivered an 80% reduction in contaminated waste.

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Improved transport

Improved efficiencies on transport have saved Aesica Queenborough over £5k per annum.

Axil Waste Segregation


A colour-coded waste system has been introduced across the site, supported by an education campaign and Aesica Queenborough-branded bins.

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Axil have improved rebates for Aesica Queenborough by over 10% versus the market.

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Aesica now attain a successful accreditation by British Standards Institute for ISO and audit by the Environment Agency and Food Drug Administration.

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re-use route

We sourced a re-use route for their fibre kegs through a charity to send materials such as clothes to third world countries.

Re-engineer your waste


To gain a clearer understanding of your waste operations, we will visit to carry out a detailed site audit.

Our waste management experts will understand your waste streams and the challenges you face— and develop a service proposal tailored to accommodate your needs.

We will explain how our innovative solutions can re-engineer your waste to reduce your costs and increase your recycling.

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