Increase recycling

We work with you to increase recycling and improve environmental performance.

Increasing waste streams sent for recycling can also result in revenue through material rebates.

Disposal at source

Locating bins lineside

By locating bins line-side, they are positioned close to the point of waste production, which is ergonomically more efficient and encourages disposal.

It’s important to consider the “foot miles” of your waste, which often has 6-7 touchpoint before reaching it’s final recycling or disposal destination.

Reducing double handling on site can cut out 2-3 touchpoints, and create efficiency improvements while reducing labour time spent moving waste materials around site unnecessarily.

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£14m of rebates returned to customers

Unlock the value in your waste

Increasing recyclates

Segregate to accumulate

Improving segregation on our customer sites allows us to unlock the value in their waste streams.

Materials that can be recycled can attract a rebate value. Separating recyclables from general waste is the first step.

It may then be possible to separate waste streams further to maximise value – copper and aluminium is worth far more than mixed steel.

Axil has good experience of advising on this and can set up segregation schemes with proven track records.

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“Partnering with Axil has helped us make significant improvements, with over 90% of waste now diverted from Landfill and an overall increase in recycling across our site.”

Craig Lea

Head of Maintenance, Group Facilities and HSE

Increasing recyclates

Colour-coded bins

Uniform colour coding of containers across your site will encourage staff and visitors to place waste into the right bin and ultimately increase recycling rates.

We work with you to re-engineer waste processes and ensure bins are not only colour-coded, but have suitable and clear signage and back boards.

These small touchers anchor the message and ensure correct segregation of recyclates versus general and hazardous waste.

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Case Studies

Our latest case studies show successful waste management in practice. Our unique, value-added, partnership approach delivers results – that’s why we retain 98% of our customers!

Increase recycling


To gain a clearer understanding of your waste operations, we will visit to carry out a detailed site audit.

Our waste management experts will understand your waste streams and the challenges you face— and develop a service proposal tailored to accommodate your needs.

We will explain how our innovative solutions can re-engineer your waste to reduce your costs and increase your recycling.

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