Total Waste Management Company, Axil, Backs UK Manufacturers

Press Release

Total waste management company, Axil Integrated

Services, is backing UK manufacturers as it

continues to grow its operation.

Axil manages commercial waste for some of the UK’s biggest and best-known brands and handles more than 46,000 tonnes of waste a year from 350 sites across the country.

The firm, which has bases in Corby and Cannock, has chosen Egbert Taylor to build its latest order of 40 exclusive HazPodTM containers which are specially equipped to collect and transport hazardous waste from its customers operating in the manufacturing, food and medical supplies sectors.

General Manager James Cooper said: “We’re keen to significantly grow the business over the coming years. In light of the current pandemic, it’s clear to us that in order to achieve high levels of growth we need to work with suppliers that can not only provide a high-quality product, but that also don’t heavily rely on overseas supply chains. We’re delighted to be working with Egbert Taylor and proud to back British manufacturing.

The UN approved HazPodTM container is designed to collect multiple hazardous waste streams, which are segregated based on compatibility and then separated using colour-coded bags. Its secure, lockable lid prevents rainwater ingress and is vandal and tamper-proof. Forklift points also facilitate easy loading and emptying.

Kevin Docherty, Area Business Manager at Egbert Taylor, added: “Covid-19 has sharpened the focus of procurers up and down the UK, many of whom no longer wish to leave themselves vulnerable to overseas supply chains in the wake of major crises such as what we’re currently seeing. This is a real turning point for UK manufacturers and I expect to see a major shift in the way UK organisations buy products post-Covid-19. Axil Integrated Services is a growing business with huge potential and we look forward to growing with them.”

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