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Need help with a specific type of waste? We manage over ten categories of waste, including hazardous waste, food waste and general recycling. Whatever your waste needs, Axil can help you.

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Waste Management Streams

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General Waste

We treat general waste with care by delivering solutions that extract recyclable materials from general trash. In doing this, we help businesses to dramatically reduce disposal costs and improve environmental credentials. Working towards a “zero to landfill” goal? Extracting recyclables is the first step.

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Hazardous Waste

At Axil, our team of experienced professionals possess the knowledge, expertise and consent to manage the safe and efficient disposal of hazardous materials. This includes specialist and difficult-to-handle wastes, as well as common hazardous waste items like batteries.

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Dry Mixed Recycling

Managing this waste stream is a simple and efficient way to improve recycling performance, achieve environmental compliance and control costs. When managing waste streams like these, we isolate paper and any other dry, recyclable materials in marked containers to send to a specialist materials recycling facility.

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Whether you have a small or large volume of cardboard, we can effectively manage this type of waste with specialist equipment. We supply baling machines, covering installation, training and maintenance. This solution might be suitable for businesses with high volumes of packaging that are a candidate for large-scale recycling.


Some materials, like wood, are too voluminous for generic garden waste. There are several options for wood recycling, from crushing on-site through to collection of complete pallets. Our recycling service covers treated, processed and uncontaminated waste to leave no base uncovered.


This service is designed according to metal type, whether ferrous, non-ferrous or specialist alloys. Using a specialist magnetic system, we identify valuable, scrap metal from other metal waste. Doing this will help maximise your rebates through effective segregation of metal waste streams and regular monitoring of market indices.


Our glass recovery service includes clear, green and brown glass, broken glass and jars. Those with high volumes of food waste are likely to produce high volumes of glass, as well as some firms in the medical sector. As with other recyclable materials, we send glass products to specialist facilities to clear up your waste streams and environmental reputation.


Have an abundance of food? Axil can supply you with waste containers and arrange food waste collection directly to your door. Depending on your kitchen waste, we can also provide you with equipment to make your own compost on-site.

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Plastic recycling is gaining importance and media attention due to the severe impact this waste has on our environment. Axil helps to clean up your act by providing advice and information about the different types of plastics, as well as the supply of baling equipment.

WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Have an old computer or appliance? Under the WEEE Regulations producers are responsible for the environmental disposal of electrical and electronic waste. Axil offers a collection and recycling service for this to keep compliance across your waste streams easy to manage.

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Axil provides a service to manage the transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquid wastes. We provide both scheduled and ad-hoc services, which comply with all current legislation.

Waste Management

Why Manage Your Waste with Axil

In industries where outputs can vary from month-to-month, waste can be unpredictable. That’s why we offer our clients flexible support.

We don’t just manage waste streams in these changing environments; we help to improve them. Working in partnership with our clients, we shorten and customise the entire waste lifecycle to reduce waste, costs and carbon footprint. Ultimately, we seek to work with our customers as waste partners, rather than just suppliers.

To achieve this, we offer bespoke waste stream services. Before partnering with an organisation, we take some time to understand every aspect of the business to identify any possible issues or challenges. From here, we can start to map out disposal, storage and recycling solutions. It’s this personal and detailed approach to partnership that has given us a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing manufacturing businesses today. So whether your focus lies in research and development, testing and analysis or production, our flexible and experienced team offers responsive support, hands-on expertise and efficient management to ensure supply chain integrity.

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Benefits of total waste management

Our total waste management experts are dedicated and passionate about understanding the unique waste challenges facing your organisation. Our goal is to help your business take control of your waste streams through mutual trust, accountability and long-term customer support.

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