Medical Waste Management

Clinical and hazardous waste streams require expert handling and management.

We provide secure medical waste disposal for several leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical facilities, so you know we’re a team you can trust.

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Successful Medical waste management

We partner with the UK’s largest manufacturing companies and deliver real and measurable results.

80 %


in contaminated waste loads through improved education across site.

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10 %


in rebates through introducing equipment to separate waste streams.

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£ 30000


per annum through improved efficiencies in transport.

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What we do

We offer compliant medical waste disposal and infection control. We work with medical manufacturing and medical research clients to better segregate waste, achieving cost savings without compromising on Environment, Quality, Health & Safety.

We aim to improve the way medical waste is packaged to reduce the use of consumables, and prevent unnecessary waste, which will ultimately reduce costs and your carbon footprint.

Axil works with you to use recyclable consumables, preventing waste in the first place.

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What is medical waste?

Medical waste can be generated in a variety of different environments including hospitals, laboratories and first aid rooms. Though medical waste may not always be classed as hazardous. However, if it is, it could be cytotoxic, cytostatic or, toxic to humans.

Medical waste may include drugs, any PPE, packaging that may be contaminated with drugs, blister packs potentially contaminated with drugs, antivirals or antibiotics, and sharps that may be contaminated with drugs.

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How is Medical Waste Disposed of?

Medical waste is often incinerated due to its infectious nature. It is often stored in various different coloured containers depending on the contents:



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Medical waste in yellow containers

This includes pathological waste, clinical lab waste, pharmaceutical waste (discarded medicines and drugs), infectious medical waste, medical chemical waste, and sharps waste in some cases

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(Radioactive) Yellow medical waste

Radioactive medical waste may have been generated from radiotherapy or cancer treatment.

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Red medical waste

Red medical waste includes recyclable contaminated waste like plastics, some sharps, catheters, syringes, and tubings. If marked by the biohazard symbol, red containers can also be used to store sharps waste.

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Blue medical waste

Medical glassware such as vials, out of date drugs, and medicines. This category of waste is also hazardous because it may inflict cuts and puncture wounds when not handled properly or put into improper trash bags. Expired pharmaceuticals must be properly segregated and stored according to their hazards.

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Purple medical waste

Extremely hazardous medical waste contaminated with cytotoxic products.

Benefits of Total Waste Management

Reducing impact

We increase your recycling through improving waste segregation at source and consider every step of your waste journey to reduce carbon footprint.

We strive to achieve zero waste to landfill for our customers.

Challenge Axil to improve your environmental performance.

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Revenue from waste

Waste is a valuable resource if managed correctly.

Reducing waste handling and labour time can drive out costs.

Segregating waste at source, and by individual stream, helps identify materials with high residual value and we return these rebates to you.

Unlock the value in your waste
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How we create value for your medical manufacturing business

The associated hazards and the materials present in medical waste will determine how expensive it is to dispose of.

We work with our customers to separate medical waste with lower hazard properties in situ in order to prevent the customer from having to pay higher rates to dispose of all waste combined.

We also look at using re-usable containers where possible, to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated from discarding medical waste, which reduces our carbon footprint and cost for our customers.

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How we help manage medical waste

We implement solutions that are bespoke to our customers requirements. This may involve tailored collections depending on the space our customers have available, with varying output during peak times & shutdown. We also arrange timely clearances if required.

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Case Studies

Our latest case studies show successful waste management in practice.

Our unique, value-added, partnership approach delivers results – that’s why we’ve retained 98% of our customers

Pharamceutical Waste FAQs

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Can Axil handle controlled drugs?

Yes, Axil has extensive experience of managing controlled drugs for our pharmaceutical manufacturing clients including Aesica, Sterling Pharmaceuticals and Cignpost Diagnostics.

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Can Axil offer stock clearance services?

Yes, Axil has access to all UK incineration facilities which enables us to react quickly when bulk clearances are required.

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Can Axil offer secure and witness destruction services?

Yes, Axil has experience in hosting witness destruction services in the presence of our client.

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Does Axil offer rebates for solvent wastes

Yes, depending on full specification. Axil has access to multiple solvent recycling outlets. Our team of qualified chemists will assess the grade of your solvent which enables us to allocate the most competitive and sustainable outlet.

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Can Axil offer health safety and compliance support?

Yes, our EHS team can offer onsite and remote support where possible to ensure compliance with regards to your waste management, both on and off site.

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Can Axil provide technical support to assist with hazardous waste collections?

Yes, our technical team will provide you with the support required to ensure that your hazardous waste is collected compliantly.

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Does Axil provide a chemist to list and prepare hazardous waste for collection?

Yes, our team of chemists are there to provide both remote and in-person support to ensure your hazardous waste collections go as smoothly as possible, whilst keeping you compliant.

Re-engineer your waste


To gain a clearer understanding of your waste operations, we will visit to carry out a detailed site audit.

Our waste management experts will understand your waste streams and the challenges you face— and develop a service proposal tailored to accommodate your needs.

We will explain how our innovative solutions can re-engineer your waste to reduce your costs and increase your recycling.

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