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From the nose cone to the vertical stabiliser, we understand the waste requirements for high-precision environments. Axil’s Waste Management for Aerospace and Defence ensures the safe and secure disposal or recycling of all your waste streams.


How Axil Can Help You

With the volume of hazardous waste created through aerospace manufacturing, your company requires a cost-effective process, that also meets high environmental compliance standards.

To avoid the risk of non-compliance and a damaging impact on the environment, along with potentially high costs, Axil-IS is here to offer a complete waste management programme that will take any concerns out of the process for you.

We offer our customers the best service, quality and value with the best environmental outcome. Our advanced waste management reporting tools even allow you to see exactly how we’re handling your waste and we are able to supply data to support your internal CSR programmes.

Why Choose Axil for Aerospace Waste Management?

Environmental Factors:

  • We’ll aim to reduce your carbon footprint
  • We’ll increase recycling
  • We’ll reduce your Hazardous Waste sent to landfill
  • We’ll ensure all toxic waste is correctly identified and handle the labelling and storage

Commercial Factors:

  • You will save money by reducing Hazardous Waste handling costs, and save on labour
  • You will gain rebates on materials through our identification of waste with high residual value. We will guarantee maximum revenue for you.
  • We’ll handle the Health & Safety of your waste management on-site

We’re Experts in Aerospace Waste

At Axil-IS we design a total waste management solution based on your needs combined with the experience of our expert team.

Our previous experience working within the Aerospace and Aviation industry enables us to create a highly precise process which our teams are familiar so you can relax too! We offer a one-stop-shop waste management solution, ensuring secure disposal of branded components or ‘out of life’ hardware waste destined for destruction.

Our Aerospace Waste Management Options

From the collection and disposal of cutting fluids to the secure audited destruction of intellectual property or the recovery and sale of precious metals from scrap. Our teams can be based at your company’s facility and take responsibility for all waste handling and consignment activities.

We identify, collect, segregate and safely dispose of all aerospace waste types such as the hazardous waste manufacturing aircraft, aircraft engines and parts can produce.

Our aerospace industry-specific waste services are managed by our qualified and experienced team.

What Happens Next: Implementing your Waste Management System

The task of implementing or updating a waste management system doesn’t have to be daunting.

We have several options to drastically improve your approach to dealing with the waste generated through your industry. To speak to one of our expert team on how best to simplify, improve and environmentally optimise your system, get in touch to arrange a free Waste Audit here.

Free Site Visit & Audit

To gain a clearer and more in-depth understanding of your waste operations, we will visit your organisation to carry out a detailed site audit. This allows our total waste management experts to understand your waste streams and the challenges you face— and develop a service proposal tailored to accommodate your needs.

Our expert team will explain how our innovative waste management solutions could reduce your costs and increase your recycling.

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