When its more than just a business

Making business better

From great businesses, sometimes opportunities come about to make them even better. This is certainly the plan with the creation of Axil Integrated Services (AIS), a new business that has just completed the purchase of an established and successful business, ‘AIS’ from Augean PLC.

But when taking over an already profitable, successful business it’s important not to get carried away and change everything. Which is why Axil is very proud to state that all AIS staff are making the transition with Axil; and the company will be led by the existing management team (Ed, Jason, Paul, Phil, James and Helena).  There will be no change to current working patterns or terms and conditions.  The intention is that the sale should be largely unnoticed and that there should be no interruption to “business as usual”.

But what about the opportunity to improve?

Well, that’s where our philosophy comes into play. Created specifically for Axil, our business is governed by four guiding principles or values that we strive to work by in our business.

  • • Partnership
  • • Teamwork
  • • Integrity
  • • Environmental Stewardship

Setting out a clear agenda and direction

In addition, we have clearly defined our mission and our vision and these are also well communicated, explained and shared amongst our teams.

Mission: Give our customers the best service, quality and value with the best environmental outcome.

Vision: Great people and an excellent partner to our customers, suppliers and staff.

In creating, believing in and working towards our vision, we have been able to confidently offer a simple service promise of ‘Cost out, not simply prices down’. Which is the culmination of our service led, consultative and partnership approach that we choose to take with our customers, staff and suppliers alike.

Promise: Cost out, not simply prices down.

Paving the way for better

Our approach is to deliver innovation by providing critical but non-core solutions to our customers. Our resources are organised to provide for the successful mobilisation and delivery of the services for you.

This is the heart of our strategy, which is backed by our owners ReGen and TPG. We are confident that our unique focus will deliver a step-change in performance for you.

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