Supporting Social Value Creation in Partnership with Community Wood Recycling

Axil support social value creation in the generation of over 7 paid roles since 2019 as result of its partnership with Community Wood Recycling.

602 tonnes of wood have been rescued from our customer sites since 2019 with the grading and sortation work ensuring that 84 tonnes moved up the waste hierarchy to direct REUSE, that would otherwise have been recycled into lower grade materials or incinerated.


Every tonne of wood collected by our partner, Community Wood Recycling provides work and training opportunities for disadvantaged people to help change lives for the better. The Social Enterprise works with local people from marginalised communities bringing them into a supportive workplace.

Community Wood Recycling confirm that “this is important because they become part of a team, gaining training and work experience as well as a sense of pride. We see them flourish, moving from social isolation, loneliness, and lack of confidence to paid work, shared achievements, and the sense of camaraderie that comes from working together to help the environment”

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At Axil, we are in a unique position to be able to influence positive environmental and social impact throughout the whole value chain. We achieve this through strong partnerships and collaborations with our clients and with our supply chain.

Our positive social impact through this partnership aligns closely with two of our core values, environmental stewardship and integrity.

Gina Rudkin, Axil’s Head of Sustainability and Zero Waste, comments on our partnership with Community Wood Recycling:

At Axil we strive to offer services that achieve the best utilisation of our client’s valuable resources. Through our work with Community Wood Recycling, we ensure that good quality wood is harnessed and reclaimed for direct reuse within local communities, keeping materials in use longer and lowering our collective demand on the earth’s finite resources.

‘Through our work with the social enterprise network, we are proud to have directly supported their social mission in the creation of several paid roles for marginalised or long-term unemployed & people from disadvantaged backgrounds. I’d encourage everyone to help to complete the environmental and social circle by considering visiting one of the 30 Community Wood Stores located around the country for your reclaimed timber needs before buying new.’

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