Axil Operations Manager Starts as On-Call Firefighter

Dave Short is training to be an on-call Firefighter and completed his first night drill last week

Dave works full time for Axil as one of our Regional Operations Managers, overseeing Contracts Managers, and Operatives based on customer sites across the UK. In his spare time, Dave has chosen to work at his local Fire and Rescue service in Knutsford, as an on-call Firefighter.

To date, Dave has completed seven night-drills, completing several training assessments with a view to completing his module 1, and gaining ‘certification to ride’ over the coming weeks.

Anthony Naylor, Watch Manager at Cheshire Fire and Rescue in Knutsford has thanked Dave for his services as an on-call Firefighter.

Knutsford Fire Station currently employs 15 on-call Firefighters (including our very own Dave Short).

All of the on-call staff have other jobs in plumbing, hospitality management, airport border security, and as car mechanics, while others are full-time Firefighters.

For further information and to find out about volunteering as an on-call Firefighter visit the Cheshire Fire recruitment page.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue receives support from The Firefighters Charity – find out more here.

For news and photos, you can follow Knutsford Fire Service on Twitter.

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