Axil introduces new Customer Portal

The new platform is currently being rolled out and will give Axil and our customers the knowledge to help improve the environment. Through understanding the material issues, we can work together to prioritise actions for improvement.

Sustainability data is transformed into workable information through dynamic dashboards, increasing efficiency and ensuring transparent reporting for our customers.

Customer Benefits

The new portal boasts a range of direct benefits to our customers:

  • • Centralised management of all environmental compliance
  • Ability to monitor waste data and work towards cost savings
  • Self-sufficiently manages your on-site auditing & processes
  • Builds and maintains documentation needed to demonstrate compliance
  • Analysis of your sustainability data across your operations and sites visualised through dashboards.

We work with some of the Country’s best-known brands, providing a one-stop-shop Total Waste Management solution. Get in touch with us to arrange a Free Axil Waste Audit.

For Press Enquiries

Please direct any press enquiries to Emma Speirs on 01536 682800 or email

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