New Compaction Vehicle Arrives At Customer Site

Axil’s field operation team  received a training session last week on our first dedicated site compaction vehicle which will be operating at the site of one of our long-standing customers in the South-East.

The vehicle, which will be operated exclusively on a single site, will be the first stage in the total waste management service we are launching there in the coming weeks, having had the hazardous waste contract at the site for a number of years.

Benefits to our customer include:

  • • The ability to now remove waste at their convenience
  • • Reduction in cost on compactors currently in-situ)
  • • Freeing up valuable real estate
  • • Instant waste contamination feedback from Axil Operatives
  • • Fewer large collection vehicles, improving Health & Safety on and around the site.

Axil are looking to implement this new service to support improved segregation and recycling on site with an Axil operative/driver who will work closely with the customer’s team on a daily basis.

Axil offers Total Waste Management solutions across a range of industry sectors – request a Waste Audit to find out how we can help your business increase recycling and drive out costs.

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