Axil team Exceeds 4000 Days Since Lost-Time Incident!

Queenborough site achieves 4000+ days since lost time incident!

Axil’s team at the Aesica site has reached a major milestone in their continued journey to ensure the health & safety of everyone who works at or visits our customer site in Queenborough. As of Friday 8th November, the team had achieve 4,162 incident-free days.

Well done to the Axil team!

We have achieved this astonishing milestone in our continued journey to ensure that health & safety is paramount to everybody, who works or visits our customer site at Aesica Queenborough, whether it be Aesica employees, visitors, contractors or any visiting work colleagues from within our organisation.

Axil team are now striving towards the next big milestone!

Site Manager, Gowan Youdale explains how it takes team work and commitment to reach and maintain these impressive Health & Safety milestones.

“Throughout most of my working career I’ve continuously been involved with heavy plant machinery & nasty chemicals. Over the years I’ve learnt that you must respect them. Since I joined Aesica at their site in Queenborough back in March 2011, I’ve tried to install my work ethics to my operatives.

The most obvious one was to install that housekeeping is part of their role – a tidier environment is a safer environment. There is a good work ethics within the entire team & everybody looks out for each other & others. They’re focussed on the tasks in hand & they know not to cut corners, ensuring they use the right tools for the task in hand. They’re not afraid to speak up on safety & will stop if necessary”.

Think Safety

The Axil team based in Queenborough are now very proactive when raising their safety concerns. They not only raise them regularly, but they try to act on them straight away to try and resolve the issue instantly. This could involve them doing it themselves or contacting the customer, depending on what it is.

Axil has the usual risk assessments and procedures in place, training, with regular maintenance on plant machinery, but a lot of credit goes to the Axil on-site operatives who recognise the importance of health and safety. Staff don’t only follow Axil’s rules and procedures, they must also follow the rules of their customer, Aesica’s.

“Many of the discussions we’ve had of the years on toolbox talks or health & safety issues raised there is normally one phrase that continuously crops up & that’s lack of ‘common sense’ used!

I certainly manage a good team & a huge amount of thanks goes to Chris Morris, Michael Smith & Chris Brett, for their work ethics on making their working environment a safer place for everybody. All credit to them, who not only have ownership of our safety standards, but also continually demonstrate how health & safety should be managed within the workplace” said Gowan.

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