Axil Integrated Services launches CPD certified waste & resource training services to further support client’s sustainability and social value goals

Axil have launched CPD Certified waste and resource training services to further support our clients in embedding best practice, managing risk and driving continuous improvement.

The Waste Academy Course is designed to support business environmental, carbon and sustainability goals by ensuring all managers and supervisors that influences waste management activities and teams, are equipped with knowledge and skills to manage risk, embed best practice, ensure legal compliance and drive innovation and improvements. Courses are delivered by subject matter expert with over 25 years industry experience.


Throughout this course you will apply the below:

  • Applying the waste hierarchy,
  • Understanding the resource value of waste and impacts of good/poor management,
  • What happens to your waste and how it gets processed,
  • An overview of hazardous waste and your responsibilities as a producer,
  • Current legislation,
  • Working safety with compactors and balers (optional content),
  • Current and upcoming legislation and market changes, linear to circular concepts.
  • Bespoke course content can also be developed for delivery


“I thought the course was fantastic. Good information, informed delivery, and engagement. I learnt a lot. “

“The motivation to attend this course stemmed from the fact that I would need to prove my competence to lead ISO 14001 audits on my contract. I believe the content covered more than satisfies this need, especially the Government Resources & Waste Strategy, Legislation & Compliance, and Innovation & Best Practice section”

“I found it very useful, because I am new to the team it enhanced my development. I found it interesting learning about the government waste strategy and also learning about innovation.”

CIWM Fellow Gina Rudkin, Axil’s Head of Sustainability and Zero Waste comments

“We are working closely with our clients to support their sustainability and efficiency goals and a central part of this is giving employees and other stakeholders the knowledge and tools to feel confident to inform others, to make changes, to intervene or to put forward improvement suggestions. We focus on achieving interactive and engaging sessions, to stimulate debate and content is delivered by subject matter experts with over 25 years industry experience”.

Our clients are invested in their employee’s development to help increase motivation, employee retention and facilitate long term opportunities, so being able to provide this key subject training with CPD status fits well alongside existing training programmes. Never more so than today, has there been such a plethora of new waste and resource related policy, strategy and obligations. In our sessions we break down what is key to the specific roles of the delegates and how their functions can have positive impacts”

Courses are designed for supervisory or team leader and are ideal for environment/sustainability representatives, on site facilities management teams and any others that influence waste management activities.  

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