Why the war on plastic waste needs your commitment!

Plastic materials have, whether we like it or not, become integral to most of our daily lives. Due to the evolution and expanded use of smart packaging systems and information technology, plastic materials are indispensable to twenty-first-century living. But there is no doubt that now is a time to take time and reflect on waste streams.

Plastic waste management has become a critical issue around the world, largely due to the nature of how frequently humans are using and quickly disposing of plastic. Around half of the plastic produced around the world annually is used for products which are discarded within only one year of being purchased. As the total figure produced stands at a hefty 300 million metric tons, this has caused some companies to rightly take their responsibility to the environment very seriously.

Waste streams needed to be re-assessed

Waste streams are being analysed from a variety of angles, with companies being encouraged to assess their own total waste management systems, and they are doing so through modern-day innovations and applications.

One example of such innovation can be seen by Maersk Supply Service who, as part of an ocean clean-up project, agreed to deploy the AHTS ‘Maersk Launcher’, the first project of its kind to be launched on this scale. The launcher will target the infamous ‘garbage patch’ of the North Pacific in a bid to remove plastic debris from the depths of the sea. The materials found in this patch are predominantly there due to mismanaged plastic waste streams.

Whirlpool collaborate with Axil to tackle plastic waste

Another exemplification of such efforts has been made by the largest manufacturer of major home appliances in the world, Whirlpool Corporation. Through projects such as #PlasticLess and a zero waste to landfill pledge by 2022, Whirlpool has committed to finding a sustainable total waste management solution to contribute to a better environment. Through collaborating with Axil, Whirlpool were able to achieve their waste recycling and reduction targets via a series of innovations in technology and systems management.

Are you looking for a Total Waste Management service?

Companies worldwide are being urged to act against plastic waste. Your commitment to the cause could make a remarkable difference to the toxic impact it is causing to our environment.

Axil are well equipped to provide guidance on all aspects of services from plastic waste management and total waste management.

Please take action against plastic waste and get in touch to discover how your business can benefit from improved waste streams today

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