Technology improves the work-from-home experience

Like many businesses in the county, Axil Integrated Services of Corby had to make some fundamental changes to its IT infrastructure as the nation went into lockdown and began working from home back in March 2020.

Since then, the company has leveraged technology that would not only allow the team to work productively from home, but that would also support further business growth.

Axil partnered with Electro-Comm back in 2018, when they guided the waste management provider towards a cloud-first strategy. Electro-Comm told Axil back in 2018 to make some changes and Axil was able to keep going, thanks to this early IT advice.

“We required a range of internet and IT services,” said Edward Pigg, managing director at Axil. “Our brief to Electro-Comm was to help us take advantage of any IT that would help support growth, and that would be capable of a rapid ramp-up in line with the company’s future growth plans.”

Having helped Axil build a CRM platform in Azure, Electro-Comm then utilised Office 365 for the rest of the business – including email; SharePoint document store, online forms, and workflow; and Microsoft Teams for internal communications.

Using the Microsoft suite of software allowed Axil’s team to focus on delivering exceptional value to its existing customers, safe in the knowledge that the back office was capable of growth and flexibility.

Axil also moved all office phone communication into a hosted phone system powered by Gamma Internet, allowing the team to easily route calls across office locations or to mobiles. Users also have access to a ‘softphone’ client which allows them to make, answer and re-route calls from their computer.

“What this really allowed was a swift transition to more flexible working patterns without distracting management at a time when Axil’s customers were in real need of our services,” added Edward.

“At the time when many companies became unavailable to their customers, Axil provided a seamless move to home-working for customer service staff, who could carry on helping our customers during this difficult time. The move was imperceptible to Axil’s customers or supply partners. At the same time, part of the software recommended included sentiment tracking, so Axil were able to see that customer service satisfaction increased during the lockdown.”

Like so many companies across the UK, Axil is now delivering sales wins though Teams, resulting in some significant new contracts, including a major partnership with the firm behind London’s famous black taxi cabs.

Axil is now working with Electro-Comm on the next stage – voice within Microsoft Teams.

“Now that our users have become accustomed to the layout within Teams, we see moving voice technology to the desktop and mobile users as the next progression.”

Axil Integrated Services works with some of the UK’s biggest household names, providing them with a total waste management solution.

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