Re-engineer your waste

No matter what your commercial and environmental goals are, look no further than Axil for a waste partner that adds value and delivers tangible results.

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How will Axil

Drive out waste costs?

Unlock rebate values: Improved segregation of waste will increase recycling and turn your commodity materials into revenue through rebates

Reduce transport movements: Improving efficiencies to reduce the frequency of your waste collections, thus reducing transport costs

Cut cross-contamination: Hazardous waste removal is more costly than general waste. Educating staff prevents materials being placed into the wrong bin and reduces disposal costs

Introduce equipment: Installing balers or compactors on-site reduces operative manual handing time which cuts hours and money spend on staff

I want to cut my waste costs…

How will Axil

Unlock value in your waste?

Material rebates to maximise value: Extracting value from ‘waste’ requires an understanding of the materials market at an international level, of which Axil can help you with.

Segregate to accumulate through segregating recyclates: Improving segregation on our customer sites allows us to unlock the value in their waste streams.

Specialist hazardous waste treatment routes: Our in-house team of chemist and technical experts can provide advice on how to carry this out for any suitable waste streams.

Driving culture change through waste awareness: Staff training and waste awareness campaigns help drive the right behaviour and ensure employees are on board with the changes.

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How will Axil help to

Improve your environmental performance?

Sourcing alternative disposal routes to avoid landfill: Axil works with you to find alternative routes for your waste streams to ensure materials don’t end up in landfill.

The waste hierarchy: We can help you roll out waste-reduction initiatives that are customised to your organisation’s waste streams. This allows you to discover ways to reuse waste materials where possible

Optimising collection routes: Axil’s in-house transport department plans waste collection routes to minimise driving time to help reduce our customers carbon footprint.

Responsible disposal: For waste that must be disposed of, we will optimise disposal routes to reduce transport journeys, and consider the carbon impact of the final fate of your waste.

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How will Axil

Ensure compliance?

Specialist support: As an Axil customer, you’ll receive dedicated support from our qualified technical team and in-house chemists.

Hazardous waste solutions: Our bespoke HazPod™ is a 1100 litre container specifically designed for safe and secure storage of hazardous waste.

Commitment to continuous improvement: Your dedicated Contract Manager conducts regular reviews and makes recommendations for continuous improvement.

Document management: All duty of care documentation is managed and readily available through our cloud-based customer portal.

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Re-engineer your waste


To gain a clearer understanding of your waste operations, we will visit to carry out a detailed site audit.

Our waste management experts will understand your waste streams and the challenges you face— and develop a service proposal tailored to accommodate your needs.

We will explain how our innovative solutions can re-engineer your waste to reduce your costs and increase your recycling.

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