Axil Integrated Services sign five-year waste management deal with the UK’s largest Wholesale Market

Axil Integrated Services has just signed a new five-year extension to manage Birmingham Wholesale Market’s waste following a highly successful first year that saw recycling rates almost double from 13% to 25%.

In addition, Axil has introduced new equipment and processes to better segregate waste, resulting in a 222-tonne reduction in general waste over the year.

Birmingham Wholesale Market is the largest integrated market in the UK, providing fish, poultry, fruit, and vegetables to wholesale customers and the public. The multi-million purpose-built premises is a joint venture between the tenants and Birmingham City Council. It is located at The Hub, Birmingham, and houses 70 tenants across an eight-acre site.

Previously, the market’s general waste and dry mixed recycling (DMR) was collected by a Refuse Collection Vehicle. Under Axil’s management, waste is now segregated by stream to reduce costs and increase recycling levels.

As part of its Total Waste Management service for the market, Axil has:

  • Installed an on-site general waste compactor to reduce transport movements and costs – reducing collections from 312 in 2019 to 124 this year
  • Improved segregation of materials – with the installation of new balers on-site to maximise rebate opportunities
  • Introduced a new Electric vehicle and trailer – resulting in more efficient movement around the site and improved health and safety standards via the removal of heavy wheelie bins
  • Installed a Weightron machine – minimising waste being mixed between neighbouring traders. Tenants are only charged for the waste they produce
  • Reduced reliance on third-party suppliers – with jobs like road sweeping now managed on-site by Axil Increased engagement – tenants are invited to share best practices

Jason Lang, Commercial Director, Axil integrated Services, said:

“We’re very proud of our team’s work on the market, and we think the results are plain to see. We have made significant improvements to both waste and recycling rates as well as raising housekeeping and health and safety standards across the entire site.”

Andrew Barnes, General Manager, Birmingham Wholesale Market, said:

“Birmingham Wholesale market has been designed for the 21st Century and offers a highly efficient trading environment, where make every effort to minimise or recycle food and material waste. Our partnership with Axil has led to a cleaner site that recycles more – with any rebates being passed straight back to our tenants.”

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About Birmingham Wholesale Market

Birmingham Wholesale Market is proud to be the largest integrated market in the UK, providing fruit and vegetable, fish, poultry, meat, and flower trading operations on one site, a huge asset to the City of Birmingham.

The wholesale market has two market halls, the fish, meat, and poultry section with 16 units and the fruit, vegetables, dairy, and flowers with 62 units. There are additionally nine warehouses all in new facilities, with each business unit fitted out to the tenant’s specifications.

The Wholesale Market is a vital catalyst for the economic well-being of Birmingham. Its importance is underlined by around 15,000 jobs in Birmingham and beyond being dependent on it continuing to flourish.

About Axil Integrated Services:

Axil Integrated Services are experts in total waste management, providing solutions from recycling to recovery, treatment, and disposal. Axil Integrated Services helps companies looking to drive costs from their business, achieve ‘zero to landfill’ or those who need waste compliance advice.

Working with some of the UK’s best-known brands, Axil Integrated Services offers waste management services to a range of industry sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Food, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals.

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