Cannock Gets to 1000 Days!

Cannock Gets to 1000 Days!

We have reached a major milestone in our continued journey to ensure the health & safety of everyone who works at or visits our Cannock Transfer Station.

We have now reached 1000 days since the last lost time accident!

Well done Cannock!

Safety Interdependence

Safety interdependence is a culture where everybody is engaged in looking after their own health and safety, as well as that of everyone else. This includes visitors & contractors on site.  To achieve this culture involves going on a journey…

The Journey

Continuously working towards improved health and safety:

  • “dependency” where people act the way they do because they are told to; through to:
  • “independency” where they act that way because they understand why they need to, to:
  • “interdependency” where it becomes part of the way we do things all of the time

The results are clear to see and are a continuous movement towards greater health and safety interdependence.

Great work everyone thanks to all our staff at the Cannock site.

Think Safety

All Axil employees, as well as suppliers, customers and contractors are made fully aware of the importance we place on health & safety.

James Cooper, Axil Site Manager is a champion of health & safety in the workplace, says “all credit to the staff on site who not only have ownership of our safety standards, but also continually demonstrate how health & safety should be managed in the workplace.”

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