Axil Cuts Whirlpool’s Waste By 10 Tonnes Per Month

Press Release: March 2020

Waste management specialist Axil Integrated Services has announced that since taking on the waste management at two of Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited sites, it has been able to reduce the company’s general waste by 50% – the equivalent weight of 10 one-tonne Black Rhinos a month.

Total Waste Management company, Axil Integrated Services, which has sites in Corby and Cannock, started working with the well-known home appliance manufacturer last year. Fast forward 12 months, and the partnership is celebrating one year of incredible results. As well as significantly reducing general waste, which has been reclassified and captured as a recycling commodity, saving thousands of pounds for the company, Axil and Whirlpool have worked together to introduce new systems and processes. These include the introduction of segregation-style bins in the office to increase recycling. Continuous liners are also used in Whirlpool office bins, which has reduced plastic waste by 80% as they are only throwing away the part of the bag that is filled.

Other changes include the implementation of a ‘clean as you go’ philosophy in the waste yard, the use of a new trailer system that can exchange four 1100-litre bins at a time, saving time and increasing productivity, and the removal of single-use canteen cutlery, which has been replaced with biodegradable products. Re-usable coffee cups and stainless steel water bottles have also been introduced, which will remove more than 158,000 single-use coffee cups and 56,000 plastic bottles from Whirlpool’s canteens.

Mark Newall, Contracts Manager at Axil, also found an innovative way of taking the concrete ballast, used in appliances, and recycling it into aggregate.

Improvements have also been made to the Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited premises in Peterborough, with the removal of an old office and welfare unit that were in disrepair and these have been replaced with new facilities, boosting staff morale.

Paul Cooke, Operations Director at Axil, said: “Together we have made some big strides to debulk general waste and reduce plastics at Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited, ensuring as much waste is reused and recycled as possible. This includes reducing general waste through on-site sortation, reclassification and energy recovery, simplifying processes, and introducing new machinery. Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited is committed to #PlasticLess, and initiatives like the use of continuous liners and replacing canteen cutlery, bottles and cups removes a significant amount of single-use plastics. By using local services, we have also reduced the company’s carbon footprint and we are directly supporting the local economy.

“Our aim is to always give our customers the best service and value with the best environmental outcome. As a leading total waste management company, we have provided Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited with a bespoke, total waste management solution to suit its business needs and it is great to reflect on what we have achieved together over the last 12 months.”

David Sherrington, UK and Ireland Energy, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager at Whirlpool, added: “It has been an exceptional year working with Axil Integrated Services and we have made great strides in waste management thanks to their help and direction. To achieve such healthy numbers in cutting waste is very positive and we look forward to reducing the company’s waste further and contributing to bettering our workplace environment, driving zero to landfill and ultimately making some headway in helping our planet.”

Axil offers Total Waste Management solutions across a range of industry sectors including ManufacturingFoodAerospace and Automative. Request a Waste Audit to find out how we can help your business increase recycling and drive out costs.

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