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Project Description

Medical & Research

Bringing innovative medical research to market, manufacturing pharmaceuticals and delivering healthcare services are all critical to the way we live. That’s why Axil has a specialist team, experienced in working with people at every stage of the process from cutting-edge research companies in the midst of feasibility trials right through to customer-facing community health organisations on the front line.

Whatever your specialism, be it R&D, Clinical or Manufacturing, Axil can help take the hassle out of waste management and allow you to get back to what matters most – making a difference.

With sophisticated reporting, we can help you identify and reduce your most common waste streams, whilst gaining a clear understanding of how segregation can ensure the safety of your people and recycling can unlock government rebates.

As a market leader in the UK’s tougher waste streams, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a single supplier source for all of your waste management needs to keep life simple, from in-house processes, training, and health & safety advice right through to segregation, on-site handling, recycling, treatment and safe disposal.

less energy used to make a plastic bottle from recycled plastic
Recycling just 1 plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a light bulb for 3 hours.
Source: https://www.recyclenow.com
Source: https://www.recyclingbins.co.uk/recycling-facts

Specialist Capability

We have a key partnership agreement with the operator of a high-temperature incinerator which burns at up to 1200°C, providing the highest levels of secure destruction and is one of only three such installations in the UK. Its unique R-rating enables us to provide customers with an R-code, assisting them in demonstrating environmental improvement and contributing to their CSR strategy.

The facility also provides an extensive on-site laboratory which allows us to analyse your waste streams in detail, utilising state-of-the-art analytical techniques to determine the optimal methods for processing to comply with strict environmental and complex regulatory standards.

The team provides a breadth of both technical and operational knowledge to support research programmes involving radioactive isotopes such as Carbon 14 and Tritium amongst others, ensuring safe transport and complaint disposal in our partners hazardous waste landfill facilities across the UK, with impermeable clay and geotextile barriers providing a failsafe system to give you genuine peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

At Axil we understand the sensitivities around medical and research-based waste. That’s why our chosen partner facility operates advanced security systems, with several layers of protection and a manned team on hand 24 hours a day.

With an enviable reputation for safety and compliance, our reporting and certificates of destruction come as standard fully backed up by business with full ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations.

Axil Integrated Services is an active partner in the management of hazardous wastes and offers a diverse range of specialist waste treatment, recycling and disposal to customers just like you – supporting them with sustainable solutions so they can get back to what really matters most.


We understand what delivers value for our customers and deliver sustainable and compliant services.