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Project Description



AIS provides a total waste management service for Bombardier at eight of its UK sites, including their main manufacturing site in Derby. At two of these sites AIS has operatives who manage all waste streams.

All Bombardier sites produce broadly similar waste streams which include: hazardous waste, paints, resins, general waste, recycling, WEEE and bulk liquids. In addition, we provide and manage equipment such as compactors and balers.

The Requirement

When AIS was awarded the waste contract in 2015 we were tasked with a wide range of objectives. These included the management of existing contractors to increase their efficiency and seek to reduce costs, as well as introducing services to increase recycling, deliver rebates and offer more control to Bombardier.

In conjunction with their Environmental Team, we had to maintain compliance and develop a suite of meaningful management information for analysis.

Our Achievements

These objectives were achieved at the first Bombardier site in Derby within the first two months of the contract. As a result of this, we were invited to review services at their other UK sites and deliver site-specific waste proposals.  AIS has been implementing bespoke services to all of the Bombardier sites every few months, with the same standards and objectives.

Currently, we are implementing services at Old Oak Common as part of the Cross-Rail Project in London. This is bringing its own challenges in terms of access, space, restrictions and what we can achieve regarding on-site treatment, we are working hard with Bombardier to find suitable and robust solutions.


We have supplied a tug and trailer to allow our on-site operatives to efficiently move waste material and containers on site. This allows for multiple bin movements around the site with a bespoke lifting platform and has speeded up collection rounds lifting four bins at a time rather than just one. In addition, this prevents damage to bins by securely lifting and not dropping. This solution has saved hundreds of man hours and has realised a significant increase in recycling at site by utilising this saved time for further waste segregation.  

In addition to these changes, we have also designed and built a dedicated waste compound at the Derby site. This provides for increased health & safety for the storage and handling of all site wastes and has enabled waste movements to be controlled and coordinated to meet specific site requirements.

Cardboard Baling

Bombardier has significant quantities of large, thick cardboard boxes from their goods inwards department. Previously, these were cut down individually using a reciprocating saw and took nearly one man-day to complete. The vertical baler being used produced 200-300kg bales and returned a rebate of £40.00 per tonne.

AIS changed the baling equipment to a horizontal baler which gave several benefits to Bombardier.

Firstly, we eliminated the potential for injury from use of the reciprocating saw. All cardboard boxes are loaded whole into the baler and the process takes only two hours per day. This has freed up operator time to be used across the site. Also, the new machine produces larger bales of between 450-500kgs each and this has increased the rebate to Bombardier to £65.00 per tonne.

Wood Waste

AIS has also changed the process for wood disposal onsite to increase the efficiency with which this material is handled.  Previously all wood waste, including pallets and boxes, were loaded onto a trailer and then collected for recycling. This was very time-consuming in order to maximise trailer space.  

We supplied a roll-packer to crush all wooden pallets and boxes inside a standard skip.  The skip holds the same weight of material as the trailer and is a 25% cost saving on disposal for the Bombardier.

We are now working with Bombardier on a project to shred the wood waste on site and sell material on for Biomass. This will provide further handling and cost-saving benefits.

Colour-Coded Containers

AIS has introduced colour-coded containers across multiple Bombardier sites to provide compliant segregation of waste types.  

We have introduced a standard colour scheme together with clear container signage to indicate which wastes are allowed in each container.

This has helped to eliminate cross-contamination of wastes and increased segregated volumes of materials for recycling.


We understand what delivers value for our customers and deliver sustainable and compliant services.