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Project Description


We have built up considerable experience in supporting high precision and critical process manufacturers and are comfortable in handling critical but non-core activities. From the collection and disposal of cutting fluids to the secure destruction of intellectual property or the recovery and sale of precious metals from scrap. Our teams can be located at a customers facility or process location and take responsibility for all waste handling and consignment activities.

Axil is well placed to help you improve your environmental performance which is critical to the big commercial aircraft manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus as they, in turn, seek to deliver greener products to end users. Our management reporting tools allow you to see how your waste is handled from cradle to grave and we are able to supply data to support CSR and other environmental reporting.

In short, we deliver solutions based on hard earnt and first-hand experience with our flexible frontline teams responding to both ad-hoc demanding requests and the more mundane with the same quality and service.

It takes 50 times more energy to make a battery than you actually get from a battery.
The UK lags 31% behind Switzerland, the Netherlands & Germany on recycling volumes.


We understand what delivers value for our customers and deliver sustainable and compliant services.