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COVID-19 Clinical Waste Disposal

Axil supports businesses in the UK with a national medical waste collection and disposal service for COVID-19 tests and all other types of clinical waste. 

Let Axil handle the job of managing and collecting your clinical waste, enabling your business or testing site to focus on the critical task of testing your staff.

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What Is COVID-19 Waste Management and Disposal?

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Axil Integrated Services provides critical support to businesses in the UK that need safe COVID-19 test waste disposal and management of all medical waste associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

We offer fast and personalised medical waste management solutions designed to support your business or testing site, allowing you to divert your attention to the critical task of testing staff safely. Our medical waste disposal experts will take care of removing all COVID-19-related clinical waste from your facilities.

What Our Clients Say

We are very pleased with not only the quality but also the service we have received from Axil. Their seamless and efficient operation allows our scientists to deliver our gold standard PCR test results quickly and optimally. Their waste services keep our labs clean and running smoothly, meaning we can focus on helping our clients get back to work and protecting their employees.

Trusted Medical Waste Disposal  Solutions

Bags, Boxes & Bins for
COVID Tests & Used PPE

Blue icon of man putting waste into bin

  • Dedicated area for disposal of COVID tests and used personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Compliant bags and bins of any size to accommodate used PPE
  • Scheduled collections to keep waste moving off-site

Social Distancing
Reminders and 

Social distancing

  • Social distancing reminder signage
  • Hand washing pictogram guidelines labelling
  • Partition screens

Hand Hygiene

Blue hand wash and soap icon

  • Visitor and staff washing stations 
  • Contactless, foot-operated options available
  • Floor-standing or wall-mounted sanitiser units

Axil offers a range of clinical waste solutions to ensure that your used COVID-19 tests and saferelated clinical waste are handled safely and compliantly. Our team of qualified specialists are committed to supporting your business so that it remains safe and operational. Axil will supply bags, sacks, and containers to meet your requirements, depending on the size of your testing operation.

As experts in clinical waste disposal and management, Axil adheres to all NHS and government regulations for the safe handling and removal of contaminated and hazardous waste.

Reliable and Compliant Waste Management Services

In January 2021, the  UK Government announced the deployment of British-manufactured rapid lateral flow antigen tests to detect asymptomatic COVID-19 tests. This allowed private organisations to offer COVID-19 tests, with results coming back in just minutes. 

Axil is here to support your organisation with our waste management services, ensuring your compliance with the specific guidelines for handling and disposal of used COVID-19 tests. As with all types of clinical waste disposal, the exact rules and methods for handling used COVID tests and related medical waste depend on specific variables. 

  • If a COVID test is carried out at home, then tests and any associated waste can be safely placed in your general waste bin for collection as normal.
  • If the COVID tests are conducted in a commercial or public setting, such as a business, school, university, or other testing sites, then the used COVID test must be treated as hazardous waste. 

Government legislation stipulates that any clinical waste resulting from coronavirus tests cannot be disposed of in general waste bins or mixed recycling. All tests, associated equipment and PPE worn by staff and clinicians involved in administering the tests must be managed separately.

COVID-19 test waste must be separated and stored in dedicated sacks or containers and collected by a waste specialist.

Let the Experts Handle Your COVID-19 Test Waste Disposal

Axil Integrated Services provides clinical waste management services for airports, football clubs and stadiums across the country. You can come to us knowing you’ll be in the safe hands of our trusted team.

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