Axil’s Managing Director stars as special guest
on Great British Manufacturing podcast

Ed Pigg, MD of Axil Integrated Services starred as a special guest on the Great British Manufacturing podcast and talks about how UK manufacturers can repurpose their waste to extract maximum value.

Ed tells us, ‘Good segregation is key to extracting value. If you’re manufacturing the same stuff, day in, day out, the waste becomes predictable. We work lineside with our customers, to segregate waste before it becomes mixed with other waste, and before it becomes a cost.

Our client, Birmingham Wholesale Market, evidence this through a 92% increase in recycling levels due to improved segregation. As a result of 12 successful months on-site, Birmingham Wholesale Market has signed a new contract with Axil for Total Waste Management, extending a further five years.

Please listen here: Great British Manufacturing Podcast Episode Fifty Two | MTDMFG

Axil waste yard at Birmingham Wholesale Market

Ed also discusses ‘A big opportunity within the waste market is for producers to build recyclability into products.

You can buy a well-known fizzy drink and the bottle is thrown into the bin, that’s because there’s no value in the PET container as a single item or if co-mingled with everything else. There’s a responsibility on manufacturers in particular to look at material recycling schemes, or bottle deposit schemes, many of which are currently being trialled. You’ve got to get value into the ‘waste’.

Pictured left, Ed Pigg, Managing Director at Axil Integrated Services.

On a packed show, they also discuss Johnson Matthey’s new £80m hydrogen gigafactory, Raytheon’s new Livingston facility, Stannah’s Andover factory, PragmatIC Semiconductor’s new £68m plant, Pensana’s £150m rare earths refinery and much more.

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