Total Waste Management

Re-engineering your waste to reduce costs
and improve environmental performance.

We partner with the UK’s largest manufacturers
and deliver measurable results.

Challenge Axil to re-engineer your waste

Working in partnership with

Successful Waste Management

We manage waste for the UK’s largest manufacturing companies and deliver measurable results.

97 %


at source, following improved segregation at LEVC’s Ansty site

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£ 24 k


in transport costs by introducing baling equipment to site

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50 %


in general waste – equivalent weight of 10 black rhinos a month

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Benefits of Total Waste Management

We see waste management as so much more than just emptying the bins. We re-engineer your waste.

The partnerships we create with our clients add value and make a real difference.

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Zero to

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Cut carbon footprint

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from waste

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Increase recycling

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health, safety & compliance

£14m rebates returned to customers

Unlock the value in your waste

Waste management service

Our mission is to drive out waste costs whilst ensuring the best possible environmental outcome.

Our Total Waste Management solutions can help your business to make commercial and environmental strides.

We partner with the UK’s best-known manufacturers to drive out waste costs, increase recycling and reduce your impact on the environment.

Our experienced team will work with you to understand your waste by undertaking an initial waste audit at your site.

By understanding your waste streams, processes and challenges we can craft a bespoke proposal that will meet your commercial and environmental goals.

Explore Total Waste Management

Your journey with Axil

Initial fact find

To understand your waste streams, challenges and goals

Site visit

To review current processes at your facilities


Outlining how we will meet your commercial and environmental goals


Selecting Axil as your new total waste management partner


A phased roll-out will be planned and agreed
with you

Added Value

Our Total Waste Management service offers a one-stop-shop solution to all of your waste needs.

From  guaranteeing the highest rebate values through to our bespoke reporting package – you’re in safe hands with Axil.

Defence Aerospace & Automotive Construction Research Building & Pharma & Food & Drink Manufacturing

Supporting manufacturers

We’re the UK’s leading Total Waste Management provider, specialising across all manufacturing sectors.

Our innovative solutions focus on driving costs out of your business and reducing your organisation’s impact on the environment.

We help companies to reach and maintain “zero to landfill” and assist with your ESG and CSR strategies.

View All Sectors

Aerospace & Defence

From the nose cone to the vertical stabiliser, we understand the waste requirements for high-precision environments.

Our waste management for the Aerospace, Aviation and Defence sectors ensures the safe and secure recycling or disposal of all waste streams.

Aerospace waste management

Building & Construction

As one of the largest producers of waste, we work with construction and building material manufacturers to reduce waste and improve environmental performance.

We provide solutions for all general and hazardous construction waste steams, including insulation, flooring, tiles, windows, doors, cement, timber and sanitaryware, as well as bricks and rubble.

Construction waste management

Pharma & Research

The pharmaceutical, medical and research sectors generate hazardous waste streams that require expert handling and management.

As experts in hazardous waste management, you’re in safe hands.

We work with some of the UK’s leading pharmaceutical and research manufacturers to ensure compliant management of all waste streams.

Medical waste management

Food & Drink

We provide bespoke solutions for all of your food and drink waste.

No matter what you make, we can handle all materials arising from your food and drink production process.

As we look after some of the UK’s best-known food brands including Birds Eye, Nectar and Cranswick, we’re a team you can trust.

Food & Drink waste management


We partner with manufacturers across all sectors to drive out waste costs and improve environmental performance.

We’re experienced in managing a multitude of waste streams from all types of manufacturing process output.

These include dry mixed recycling, mixed metals, oils and all hazardous waste.

Manufacturing waste management


Our Total Waste Management solutions ensure recycling or secure disposal of all of your automotive waste streams.

We partner with the UK’s best-known car manufacturers including several leading F1 companies and global engine manufacturer, Cummins.


Automotive waste management

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Total Waste Management

Total waste management allows your business to reduce spending through more efficient waste removal and increased recycling rates. Axil can help your business reduce its environmental impact by managing your site’s waste and putting a “zero to landfill” plan in place.

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What are the benefits of Total Waste Management?

Total waste management allows you to increase your products’ lifecycle and reuse and recover materials where possible.

By analysing and improving your organisation’s recycling rate, our waste professionals can reduce waste management costs and create new revenue streams from business waste. We can also help you achieve your zero-to-landfill targets to contribute to your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

Explore Total Waste Management

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How much does Total Waste Management cost?

Because no two companies will ever be the same, the cost of your total waste management services will ultimately depend on the size of your organisation, the type of waste you regularly produce and the scope of the Axil services you sign up for.

You can request a no-obligation FREE waste audit to better understand your waste streams and waste challenges.
Arrange a waste review

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How can my business achieve Zero waste to landfill status?

A landfill is essentially a receptacle for waste that can’t be recycled or incinerated. It is the most inefficient form of waste management, as rubbish can sit on a landfill and decompose for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

“Zero to landfill” is a waste-management concept that describes the total diversion of waste away from landfills. Zero waste to landfill methods build on the practices outlined under the Waste Hierarchy, placing the most value on waste reduction and the least on waste disposal.

Read our article on ‘How to achieve zero waste to landfill status’

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Which sectors does Axil serve?

Axil is the UK’s leading manufacturing waste specialist, helping the likes of Bombardier, Cummins Engines, Whirlpool and Birds Eye drive out waste costs, increase recycling and reduce their impact on the environment.

We can help with almost all waste streams and provide bespoke solutions for businesses in the aerospace, automotive, food, and medical and research sectors.

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Does Axil manage hazardous waste?

Our hazardous waste facility in Cannock operates advanced security systems with several layers of protection and a manned team on hand 24 hours a day. These sites use impermeable clay and geotextile barriers to create a failsafe system that gives you genuine peace of mind, even with radioactive waste.

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How can waste management be improved?

At Axil, our total waste management approach is based on the waste management hierarchy: reduce, reuse, recycle, recovery and disposal.

These steps outline how waste should be treated, with waste reduction having the highest priority and disposal the lowest. We recommend integrating these practices into your business to improve your waste management outcomes.

Arrange a waste review

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Do you have to pay for waste management?

Any business can reduce its waste output and become more efficient at recycling. But as your business grows, so too will your waste streams and waste output.

Working with a total waste management provider can help you be more efficient at managing your waste and driving out costs.

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Re-engineer your waste

Arrange a waste review

To gain a clearer understanding of your waste operations, we will visit to carry out a detailed site audit.

Our waste management experts will understand your waste streams and the challenges you face— and develop a service proposal tailored to accommodate your needs.

We will explain how our innovative solutions can re-engineer your waste to reduce your costs and increase your recycling.